Exclusive Venue was founded in 2016 by French entrepreneur Saoud Maherzi, founder of the Parisian luxury event agency Caprice Groupe. Exclusive Venue handpicks boutique event venues and connects premium event spaces with luxury brands worldwide. With over 150 listings across Hong Kong, the company is continously expanding its portfolio in Hong Kong, Macau and Asia.

Exclusivity is the Ultimate Luxury

With venues from seafront villas to secluded hilltop manors, vibrant city penthouses to versatile commercial spaces, Exclusive Venue selects unique locations with maximum privacy. ‘We strive to offer clients exciting event spaces we discovered in the city. With Hong Kong now opening again, we are seeing a drastic rise in demand for corporate networking venues; as well as brands looking to reconnect internally amongst regional offices and externally with industry partners and stakeholders.’ says Maherzi.

The Concept

Exclusive Venue represents diverse event spaces from private residences, commercial spaces, to yachts & boats, and F&B spaces. Venues are proposed to clients based on the nature of events. The company offers venues for filming and photoshoots, corporate events including cocktail reception and luncheons, seminars, team-building workshops, and pop-up stores.

‘We provide a one-stop solution from venue sourcing to landlord liaison, to suppliers’ introduction.’ says Maherzi. With an impressive track record of hosting outstanding corporate and media events, the company has built an extensive event portfolio with luxury brands including Dior, Tatler, SCMP, Tiffany & Co., Shiseido and more. ‘We have been working with trusted suppliers to offer quality entertainment and catering suppliers to our clients.’

The Venues

Each of our venues tells a story. Exclusive Venue collects spaces with unique ambience, stunning views and creative architecture. With tasteful interiors from modern minimalistic to avant-garde, we offer bespoke event experiences like no other. Our venues are versatile with inclusive amenities, state-of-the-technology and accessible locations, hosting events from intimate celebrations to grand ceremonies.


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