#1 Way to Market Luxury Hong Kong Property to High-Net-Worth Clients.

Managing and marketing luxury real estate properties can present many challenges. One of the top challenges is how to creatively showcase a luxury property while attracting high net worth clients. At Exclusive Venue, we offer a solution by uniquely marketing extraordinary properties as short-term lease venues to high-net-worth clients in luxury brands, corporates, and film production in Hong Kong. We have mastered the short-term lease marketing system so that owners, landlords, managers, and real estate agents can rest assured their property will get the high-profile attention it deserves with seamless concierge service. Our successful short-term leases often turn into long-term leases or sales to high-end clients. We exclusively partner with premier luxury property owners, landlords, managers, agents, developers and high net worth clients creating an ongoing network of opportunities for both sides.

Why Use Short-Term Leases For Luxury Property Marketing

If you own or work in luxury real estate, you know that these extraordinary properties take time to sell. In fact, it can sometimes take years. Of course, the higher the price, the longer it can take, and the buyer pool continues to shrink the higher you go. So, what can you do to make sure the property is getting ongoing exposure and seen by the high-end clientele with the purchasing power to close a sale?

You lease it. However, you can’t just lease it to anyone. You need to strategically lease to the right people to target your potential pool of buyers. For luxury property owners, landlords, managers and luxury real estate agents, we work to co-market your property in unique ways that showcase the potential of the property.

By leveraging a short-term lease, you can give guests the full experience of what it is to live in these premier properties. Further, you give guests the time to explore the area around the property and live like a local. A short-term lease allows potential tenants or buyers to acclimate and get comfortable.

Short-term leasing also allows for an already extraordinary property to build prestige by hosting exclusive clients, brands, and companies. For example, our property “The Paradise” hosted a Dior private VIP event. Guests began to inquiry about the house and ended up booking a staycation. They have since shown interest in buying the property. These short-term leases can be for one night up to three months. Every day the property is leased, it is a hands-on, interactive marketing experience.

Benefits of Partnering with Exclusive Venue

While we believe the co-marketing of property is a prime benefit of partnering with us, there are others. We have worked hard to find and focus our energy on best practices to attract, retain and market to all stakeholders in luxury real estate. This includes finding and co-marketing highly desirable luxury properties and networking with decision makers for top luxury brands, corporations, filming and production companies. We have already built a robust network so as a property owner, or luxury brokerage, you don’t have to.

We have also taken great strides in building strong relationship with expert source suppliers. Our vendor list covers everything from event management companies, caterers, alcohol suppliers, DJs, dancers, florists, staffing agencies, yoga and Pilates instructors, bands, photographers, videographers, and even VR gaming & experience setup. High-net-worth clients demand the best and we have the sourcing in place.

We also handle the leasing process. We have brands and high-end clients that are always looking for an event venue. We work with owners, landlords, managers and agents to customize a lease that meets your requirements and the client’s needs. We do personalized tours of the property for you and help organize the right suppliers for the event or stay. We are sure to provide insurance and security for our exclusive venues.

Finally, we have a track record with event organization and working with top brands and luxury owners. Exclusive Venue started as an event agency with Rouge Asia. So, we know what it takes to bring an event venue together. As a luxury real estate agent or owner, you may not have that expertise. Further, we have a track record of repeatedly bringing high-net-worth clientele to exclusive luxury properties. Luxury brands we have booked include Dior, Tiffany’s, Chopard, Louis Vuitton, and Hennessy.

We are the only company in Hong Kong that provides the unique solution of connecting luxury properties with luxury brands, companies, film productions and clients.

Who Should Partner with Exclusive Venue

Our short-term and long-term leases are one of the best luxury property marketing tools for luxury real estate agents, property owners, developers and landlords. However, it is also a great way for luxury Realtors® to increase brand exposure and even sales. In luxury real estate sales, you have to stay ahead of the competition and add value that the competition doesn’t offer.

So, if you are a looking to break into the Hong Kong luxury home market or are in it but need to elevate your brand, a partnership with Exclusive Venue might be worth exploring. We work in the world of high-net-worth. If you want to become part of that world, you need access to that circle. To secure that next luxury listing, you need a marketing campaign that is like no other. Our short-term venue leasing could possible help secure that listing. When partnering with us, you might be the only agent that can offer the high-profile client pool of Dior and Tiffany’s.

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