Face to face with Victoria 22’s management team

Victoria 22

Victoria 22 is a new innovative space in the heart of Causeway Bay. As landlord representatives, we always try to understand the venues and the story behind them. This helps us finding the best clients and events. We got the chance to interview the management team of Victoria 22 and here is the story behind this innovative space.

“Versatile, Innovative, Tasteful.”

1. What is your career background? How did you get to where you are now, running an event space?

Our management team composes of 5 industry leaders: Terence Cheung, an early adopter of property technology and firmly grounded in people businesses such as real estate, finance, PR and marketing. Dennis Wong, an affluent businessperson with over 30 years of experience in the APAC region helming the real estate and sales arena. Dan Lun, an innovative business and communications strategist genius and entrepreneur. Coco Chan, a globally recognised wellness expert with 17 years of PR, event and communications experience under her belt and Sam Ling, digital marketer and solution creative that drives business development in the lifestyle and property sectors.

We’re a team of many talents that span across the property, finance, PR, marketing, digital and event sectors. As co-founders of a PR, digital and communications agency one of our responsibilities when servicing clients is securing venue spaces for client pop ups, launches and other events. Instead of looking for offsite venues for clients, we decided to create our own.

2. Victoria 22 is quite a unique space for Hong Kong, how did you have the idea to start this concept?

When we came across this venue space, we saw it as an opportunity to provide additional value to our client roster. Over the years, we’ve planned and managed over 1000+ events but there’s often much red tape around booking a venue. We know what our clients are looking for when planning an event so by running our own event space, we’re able to provide our clients tailor made experiences, cut down on venue search time and increase productivity within our team. The decision to birth Victoria 22 has been a win-win for all parties.

3. The location in the heart of Causeway Bay is one of the best assets of the space, how did you choose the area?

When we were looking for a space, there were a few needs we had in mind: convenience and an amazing view.

Victoria 22 boasts a 270-degree panoramic view of the Victoria Harbour and Park and with its floor to ceiling windows the natural sunlight illuminates the venue beautifully.

Convenience is also why we chose this location. We’re situated on the cusp of Causeway Bay where patrons can easily arrive to our doorstep via almost any means of transportation. As an event space we took into consideration delivery pick/up as a location priority. With the Gloucester bridge conveniently next to our building, clients and vendors simply arrive, drop off and get back onto the bridge without any traffic. We’re also only a 5 minute walk from the closest MTR exit.

4. What is your favourite feature at Victoria 22?

“I’m a huge fan of the TV wall. As an event planner, over the years we’ve spent large amounts of budget on renting screens, delivery fees and dismantling. With our built in TV wall clients get to save on their cost and showcase their presentation, visual branding videos and save on backdrop production costs”, says Coco.

Terence mentions, “the Harbour Meeting Room is my second home with all the meetings I have and it’s set to impress with its beautifully curated interior design and technological support whether you need to host Zoom meetings, present or take notes on our smart digital board.”

“Every time we host site visits, the first thing people compliment is our view and natural sunlight space – I totally agree it’s the view that gets me every time,” says Dan.

5. If you could describe Victoria 22 with three adjectives, how would you describe it?

Versatile, Innovative, Tasteful.

6. You opened during the pandemic; we can imagine this must have been challenging. How did you face the 5th wave?

Luckily, we have a very proactive and hands on management team. We launched at a very good time when event restrictions began to loosen. Our venue also filled in a gap within the event space market at the right time so business has been good and feedback has been excellent.

7. How do you see the future of Victoria 22? What would be your dream event to host?

Victoria 22 is a versatile space so we have many plans for the future of the business. Since our launch in September, we’ve been catering mostly to corporate events, brand launches and private events. As a team, one of our dream events to host is a Sustainability Week Conference inviting experts from all fields to share knowledge and create an eco-system for individuals and brands to network with each other.

8. Speaking of events, what is the best event you’ve attended as a guest or as a host? What made it stand out?

One of the more recent events we’ve attended this year that stood out was the Women of Hong Kong anniversary event. It was a fun packed evening with different experiential booths, shows and a marketplace. But the best aspect of the event was the opportunity to meet other industry leaders in their sector and creating new connections. After 3-years of covid, events that focus on relationship building and in person interaction is always a winning factor for us.

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