Rental Of Exclusive Venue Retail Spaces

Rental Of Exclusive Venue Retail Spaces - Exclusive Venue

Pop-up stores have become a popular concept for high-street brands. Brands relocate their name and identity to convenient and temporary retail spaces for several purposes, which includes:

  • Driving brand awareness
  • Driving sales
  • Testing a market or location
  • Testing a physical retail strategy
  • Engaging with customers in a more in-depth way

The duration of a pop-up can vary, depending on its purpose and goal. Some pop-ups can last for a few days to a few months at a time.

Adopting a pop-up store strategy can be an effective way of reaching the customers that may have never heard of your brand. It brings opportunity to highlight the launch of a new campaign collection, promote existing products and driving exposure to a physical geographical location. It is also mutually beneficial to brands seeking temporary spaces and for landlords who are seeking tenants for spaces that may not be rented for long periods of time. By creating pop up stores in unconventional retail venues, branding and events specialists are able to fill a new space with brand creativity and design.

Rental Of Exclusive Venue Retail Spaces - Exclusive Venue

Shops should not be limited to shopping malls. Malls cater to a certain type of shopper. A shop in an unusual place offers a unique consumer experience and reaches out to a wider demographic who may not frequent shopping malls. The flexibility of a pop up enables brands to curate an eye-catching setup making it a one-of-a-kind experience for new and existing customers.

Exclusive Venue offers a listing of commercial spaces in Hong Kong suitable for brands aiming to launch pop-ups within the city hub closer to target clientele, enabling higher foot traffic and brand exposure while taking social distancing and restrictions into consideration.

Wondering what type of spaces can be converted into a pop-up store? Have you ever seen one of your favourite brands pop-up in a popular location? Why not start there!
Think of the high-street or never-before seen-street, semi-old warehouses, apartments, photography studios, bare-walled venues, venues offering a variety of flooring from marble to parquet and polished concrete suitable for different brand identities and themes.

The options are limitless.

The Exclusive Venue team are masters in offering the perfect location for brands who are looking to pop-up shop in a new location. Reach out to us today at:

Rental Of Exclusive Venue Retail Spaces - Exclusive Venue

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