Short-Term Leasing In Hong Kong – Location Selection Criteria

Short-Term Leasing In Hong Kong – Location Selection Criteria - Exclusive Venue

Are you in charge of your company’s event organization team in Hong Kong, but you don’t know where to start?

Exclusive Venue supports you throughout this process to find whichever luxury villa, yacht, performance space, conference room for your employees, customers or guests. In this short (5 min) read, we show you the essential criteria to take into account when looking to customize and privatize an ideal space for you.

How to rent the ideal venue in Hong Kong.

1st selection criteria: choosing the type of venue

To optimize your research, you must focus on the type of space you want to present to your guests.

When renting a venue in Hong Kong, the theme and format of your event are at the utmost importance as some venues will always be more suitable than others depending on the concept.

For example, if you want to organize a fashion show or a showroom then a gallery or an industrial-style venue could be interesting solutions. The scenography possibilities are numerous. Events teams can create an atmosphere from scratch, which will perfectly match the event theme and target audience.

For formal cocktail and dining events, it is customary to host in traditional reception rooms, with littler personal charm and no surprises. In today’s market for formal events, it is fashionable to create a “home-away-from-home” vibe, or what we like to call “the atypical style”. We therefore advise that for a cocktail reception, a company evening or a product launch in an informal venue such as a contemporary loft, a private mansion will be perfect as it can surprise and stimulate your guests. These types of venues will be more conducive to creating a festive and friendly atmosphere.

Team Building Activities.

When thinking of a venue to host team building activities, an alternative strategy could be to move away from conventional spaces. Designer villas with social-areas for gaming and socialization can create relaxed and stimulating atmospheres perfect for brainstorming and creativity.

2nd selection criteria: the size of the property

With Hong Kong being notorious for cramped shoebox-style apartments, Exclusive Venue are professionals in sourcing spaces that not only look but also feel vast and open. The total size of the area that you intend to exploit must be suited to the number of guests. Indeed, renting a place that is too small could limit comfort for your guests, but a space that is too spacious would take away from intimate aspects and would not encourage discussions, which is why we are here in the first place!

Therefore, we suggest that you follow the famous 1m²/person standing, 2m²/person seating rule.

Taking into account furniture and staff, you will need to consider all the possibilities to best occupy the space and make your guests feel comfortable. The first impression a guest has could be crippling if the place seems either too empty or too vacant.

It is therefore essential to take these criteria into account, and to organize a visit with the Exclusive Venue team. Our team will be present at the visit in order to provide you with the best possible guidance and to avoid forgetting technical and logistical hurdles. Depending on the technical nature of an event and the staff that you are looking to hire, we will be happy to reassure you with floorplans and layouts.

In addition, to guide you in your search for venues in Hong Kong, do not forget to sign up to our email list and visit our blog. You can benefit from advice written by venue professionals who will allow you to select the appropriate space for your number of guests.

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The area that you rent in Hong Kong is an essential element to take into account. We all have our favorite neighborhoods and can understand that some districts are more suitable for certain event types. If you are looking to organize a pop-up shop with high foot traffic, then downtown central could be the best place for you. If you are looking to organize a VIP pop-up with an exclusive client guestlist, then opting for a more distant, quiet and peaceful neighborhood, such as Sai Kung or the Southside will be ideal for the occasion. You will undoubtedly find elegant properties to reflect your event.

Are you looking for a space for a product launch? A very busy and trendy district like the Wong Chuk Hang, or Kowloon West is a strategic choice. The same goes if you are organizing a parade or showroom for Fashion Week. A certain district can seduce your guests with artistic, bohemian and chic atmosphere, combining the charm of stunning views and the liveliness of the modern city.

If your guests are international, immerse them in the heart of the Hong Kong harbour by taking them on a cruise under the city lights. This very lively must-do for anyone visiting Hong Kong will go perfectly with a creative and whimsical event .

Short-Term Leasing In Hong Kong – Location Selection Criteria - Exclusive Venue

4th selection criteria: the period

This last point is often overlooked. During the lead-up to busy holiday periods, things can book up fast and furious! If the venue you are looking for is available on your date, and in line with your budget, organize a viewing and make the Exclusive Venue team know immediately that you are interested! During certain periods, venue rental becomes more popular and the prices of venues begins to reflect the amount of demand there is for the period.

To help you, here’s a recap of the most popular months:

December and January: end of year private and business celebrations take over these two busy months of the year. People are jolly, relaxed, in the festive spirit and looking to have a great time.

February: Chinese New Year, the largest celebration on the lunar calendar includes a month of thank-you seminars and team building events between employers and employees. These events, often informal, are usually organized to reward teams for their investment results of the year.

April: Easter holidays are around this time of year and parents of school kids are often looking for a bougie enclave where they can escape with family and friends without having to travel too far from the city.

September and October: Golden week, national day celebration and back-to-school seminars. We often have many team-building events during this time.

Monday-Thursday off-peak evenings are generally less expensive days for room rentals in Hong Kong, and should be considered if you want to organize a company party.

Book before it is too late! Be careful, the venue of your dreams can pass you by if you don’t get there early enough. Our advice: on average, remember during off-peak periods to book your venue 2 months before the event date and during peak periods 6 months before the event date.

5th selection criteria: rental prices

Finally, an annoying subject but: be ready to align yourself with the prices charged by the event venues, otherwise someone else will do it for you and you will end up getting overcharged!

“How much does the privatization of a place in a desired district actually cost?”; “Is my budget sufficient for my requirements?”, all these questions are an integral part of events teams and management companies. This is why, at Exclusive Venue, we have decided to give you an overview of the prices charged on the market by carrying out the 1st price barometer for event venues in Hong Kong.

Thanks to the data of the hundreds of venues referenced on, we were able to carry out this exclusive venue study and draw up a barometer. This will serve as a benchmark for future event budgets.

Beyond being a venue listing platform, Exclusive Venue offers a concierge service from our seasoned and industry-expert account managers to guide you in your search for venue rentals in Hong Kong. We offer you follow-up and advice that will promote the success of your event!
For that you just have to contact us:

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