Top Mansions For Parties In Hong Kong

Top Mansions For Parties In Hong Kong - Exclusive Venue

Wondering where to host your upcoming birthday or upcoming private celebrations hassle free? We’ve put together our top selection of private party venues that are both intimate and inclusive of unique private dining experiences.


Overlooking the South Lantau ocean, ‘Serenity’ is the epitome of tranquility tucked away in hidden paradise. The villa enhances relaxation, optimism and a sense of magic which is much needed this year. In addition to the ocean view, guests can access a hidden trail leading to a private beach should a spontaneous desire to swim arise. Guests also have the option to dip into the outdoor jacuzzi on the patio if it tickles their fancy. Ideal for all kinds of celebrations and special occasions, ‘Serenity’ truly lives up to its name and will surely be at the top of your list for private party venues.

Top Mansions For Parties In Hong Kong - Exclusive Venue

Solar Mansion

Nestled on a pristine cliff with a scenic view of mountains and the Sai Kung sea, ‘Solar Mansion’ is a contemporary style villa with a prime view of sunrise – perfect for dusk till dawn celebrations. The expansive space also offers a swimming pool and lounging areas for guests to mingle throughout their gathering.

Top Mansions For Parties In Hong Kong - Exclusive Venue

The Penthouse

At 2,406 square feet, the Penthouse offers a high ceiling indoor space with a rooftop and jacuzzi located in Sheung Wan with stunning views of the Hong Kong skyline. For those with a penchant for high altitudes while remaining in the heart of the city, the Penthouse also suits celebrations coinciding with a full frontal view of fireworks on special occasions like Chinese New Year and National Day.

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