Why Choose An Atypical Event Space?

Why Choose An Atypical Event Space? - Exclusive Venue

Why chose an atypical event space?

In a competitive and evolving events market, expectations are high. This is why, as an organizer, you have to constantly adapt and renew your venue sourcing strategies.

The emergence of atypical venues is one of the most telling examples of this rapidly changing market. In recent years, all over Hong Kong we have seen events thrown in unique atypical event spaces. Event production specialists often look to veer off the beaten track and play a new hand revitalizing the world of events and bringing new forms of creativity..

Why opt for atypical venues in your event strategy?

Depending on the event’s objectives, the values of your company or the message you want to convey, reserving an atypical venue is a bold strategy that pays off with great rewards.
Unique venue spaces allow for event teams’ creative bubble to burst wide-open, where customization meets experimentation, putting people at the heart of an event strategy and becomes the be all technique to make the event experience more personal.

Opting for an explosive venue environment gives brands the ability to elevate the event experience and establish powerful connections with guests as they discover the staging of the venue. This will no doubt have a positive impact on guests. By offering your guests, often weary of classic hotel ball rooms and restaurant environments, a new setting, you open up the field of possibilities to make lasting impressions. In addition, inviting your audience into a unique venue will positively affect your image and enhance your business in their eyes.

Why Choose An Atypical Event Space? - Exclusive Venue

No more venues lacking personality or soul!

Atypical venues represent an effective solution to show that you do not do everything like everyone else. Choosing an atypical place will allow you to stand out from the competition. Mark your difference by organizing your event where no one else has.

For what event types?

The extent of atypicality must be part of an event manager’s strategic thinking. The level must remain consistent with the event’s content and the expected audience.

Of course, this is to a degree, but the event must be adapted to your personal and/or brand values, objectives, messages and to the needs of your participants. There will be events where the logistical and practical aspect will be a priority, and others where the originality of the place will take precedence.

This is particularly the case for product launches, celebratory gatherings such as Christmas parties, cocktail parties, company anniversaries or summer parties. When organizing a product launch, the main objective will be to create an immersive experience, to make an impression and ultimately get people talking about you. Choosing a place that breaks the status quo and creates a buzz will therefore be incredibly effective. The same goes for internal gatherings, the aim of which is to congratulate, reward or unite your teams in a moment that they will remember. By focusing on an atypical place, you will give employees a memorable moment that will strengthen their feeling of belonging and commitment.

If you are organizing a seminar or team-building activity, you will have every interest in opting for an atypical venue that is captivating, informal and friendly. You will thus ensure a positive atmosphere which will create optimal working conditions and positively impact the mindset of your employees. Immersing employees in a flexible environment, totally different from their daily routine will stimulate creativity and encourage relationship building.

The unusual is necessary for showcasing brands in exciting formats. Fashion events such as catwalks and showrooms, and new retail concepts such as 1-on-1 appointments and pop-up stores are also formats where the unusual is very popular.

When looking for your ‘wow’ factor, the Exclusive Venue team will be the key to unlocking future success.

Why Choose An Atypical Event Space? - Exclusive Venue

Atypical places yes and at what price?

In general, the rental rates for venues vary according to several criteria:

  • The district: venues located close to Central, Hong Kong, are very popular and therefore the most expensive. The rental price is consistent with the Hong Kong real estate market.
  • The time of year: us Hong Konger’s love an excuse to celebrate! Months loaded with National Holidays, such as Christmas, Chinese New Year, Easter and China National Day/Golden Week will often see prices soaring.
  • The quality of the venue: which includes its category (villa mansion, hotel, private apartment …), its architecture and its technical and technological equipment.
Why Choose An Atypical Event Space? - Exclusive Venue

Logistical limitations of atypical spaces

Adapting to current trends and to this new attraction for unusual venues will require quality management of logistics and budget. By opting for an atypical venue, you must take into account a whole bucket of running/set up costs, which will in turn affect your budget.

When we talk about atypical places, we often mean remote places. These venues will therefore sometimes not have all the appropriate technical equipment. It will be important to

    • (a) do necessary scouting with the Exclusive Venue team


    • (b) consult with the relevant technicians


    • (c) get an accurate estimate of the costs


    (d) and confirm and execute all the service providers.

The price tag on originality is constantly changing in this variable events market. It is difficult to establish a fixed price given the number of factors to be taken into account. However, for a high standard private villa in Hong Kong’s top districts, you will need to budget for at least $28,000 per day. To guide you in your research, our Exclusive Venue team carried out a market study of the rental prices of atypical Hong Kong event venues. By using the data of hundreds of venues we have worked with and listed on www.exclusive-venue.com over the years, we have produced the 1st barometer of rental rates for event venues that we invite you to discover here and available on our home page.

At Exclusive Venue, we make a point of referencing venues for all needs and all budgets, and we trust that you will be able to find what you are looking for with us.

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