How do the most productive people mix business with pleasure?

One word: workcation [wɜː(r)kˈkeɪʃ(ə)n]

Rather than working fully remotely from your home office, a workcation means “taking a short break from your regular working routine but still being able to fulfil your employment obligations and resting at the same time.” The concept has been around for a while, but since COVID, knowing how to combine work and play has become essential. If you could wake up to one of the most beautiful and relaxing views in Hong Kong to sip your morning coffee before hopping on a Zoom call, why wouldn’t you?

Get your own dedicated office space at The Paradise.

Working from home has its perks, but what if you could do your morning stretches overlooking the sea, call a masseuse to help you relax after a day spent looking at your screen or organise a cooking class because you got tired of ordering in. At Exclusive Venue, we provide our clients with the opportunity to escape to a home away from home and work away from work in a custom-made, luxurious and private environment. You can relax in a beautiful home while still being able to work.Despite the current restrictions, your work vacation or workcation shouldn’t be any less soothing. You get to pamper yourself in luxury. Changing your living space to combine business and self-care might offer some new insights. It may be the perfect opportunity to reflect and do something you care about.Likely, it has been a while since you woke up to the singing of the birds.  At Serene Mansion, one of our premier villas, you will be able to enjoy an unobstructed view of the inlet Clearwater Bay. Think dedicated office space, private gym, heated pool, game room for the kids and a fireplace to unwind by at the end of the day. This might be the most top-notch Netflix & Chill night of the year! If you’d like to spoil the kids even more, you could build a bouncy castle in the large garden while you enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Serene Mansion - Exclusive Venue
Serene Mansion features a 6,000 sqft garden and a private heated pool.

At Solar Mansion, there are 4 beautiful en-suite bedrooms, each with a view of the Sai Kung Peninsula. The large bedrooms include a desk so each member of the family can have their own dedicated workspace. It’s not only a workcation but also a ‘schoolcation’! After work, enjoy some cozy family time on the spacious terrace by the swimming pool.

Solar Mansion - Exclusive Venue
Solar Mansion offers an unobstructed view over the Sai Kung peninsula and 4 spacious ensuite bedrooms.

The Paradise, another stunning home located in Sai Kung, is the perfect getaway if you are looking to recharge your batteries in privacy. Situated at the top of a hill, it is an iconic Hong Kong staycation home surrounded by nature. Get clarity away from the concrete jungle in a premium atmosphere. You will be able to enjoy 4 bedrooms, a large, dedicated office, an onsite helper to help facilitate your stay and a heated pool for relaxing evenings with a stunning view.

The Paradise - Exclusive Venue
The Paradise is the ultimate home for pampering yourself in luxury while working from home.

Serenity has become the ultimate luxury. The sea view will calm your mind, inspire creativity so you can just let the ideas flow. These workcation homes are the best remedy to a gloomy routine; and you get to explore Sai Kung for more than just a weekend. You will be just a couple of steps away from the best hiking trails in Hong Kong. Start your day at Hushush with a cold brew or a delicious homemade ice-cream, then go for a quick running hike before you start work.

“Serenity has become the ultimate luxury.”

If you are a fan of South Lantau, you can do your workcation at Terrabella. The villa has a beautiful garden and is a 5-minute walk to the beach. You could take advantage of the fully-fitted kitchen to make some sourdough bread. For lunch, you can venture to the beach and try the delicious pizzas at Lantana.

Terrabella - Exclusive Venue
Terrabella is the coziest home away from home.

Another home on Lantau, also close to the beach, is a stunning house with a large rooftop with BBQ. For creative minds, Beach House is the perfect workcation destination thanks to the interior design books you will find all over the place.

With its minimalist Japanese inspired interior, The Beach House is the perfect stay for a relaxing and inspiring workcation.

Saving the best for last, The Wan is probably one of the most unique staycation homes you can stay at. It is a repurposed Hong Kong Star Ferry which has been renovated into a boat house. It offers a splendid family area with double-height ceiling, reading room, dining room, three en-suite bedrooms and a cinema room. If you like a little challenge, there is a diving board on the roof to jump before you go for your morning swim. It is the perfect place to combine work and pleasure by taking your calls and attend your meetings from the terrace deck, surrounded by the lush jungle of Tai Tam Reservoir. You will come back refreshed and motivated to work harder than you were before.

Experience the Ferry life on this renovated former ferry.

Unusual times call for originality in the staycation approach: work hard, play hard with all the things in between. The nomadic lifestyle has already conquered a lot of hearts but our workcation package is certainly a different kind of experience. Our homes are unique and offer flexibility to meet both your work and entertainment needs. An open space with a tropical vibe and a stable internet connection is all you need for a perfect workcation week.Work vacations are the most practical alternative to traveling. You won’t have to suffer afterwards from the stress of missing time off work. You won’t feel guilty if you simply wanted to relax in a beautiful environment. Rejuvenate and still get the work done, hassle-free.For more information on our workcation week package and monthly stay, get in touch via email at, our dedicated team will send our best offers. Alternatively, you can visit our website for more houses options.

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