What To Consider When Choosing An Outdoor Venue

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What’s not to love about the great outdoors? Sunny, bright, and airy space, with sea and garden views as a captivating backdrop for your events. Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate gathering, or a community event, it is a great idea to harness the beauty and versatility of outdoor venues.  Exclusive Venue has spotted the most sought-after outdoor venues for your next social event. Here, we have rounded up some tips when selecting an outdoor event space.

Jardin — a 3,500 sqft semi-outdoor oasis set in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui.

Incorporate Nature into your Event Theme

From lush gardens to stunning waterfront views, outdoor spaces, and event venues create a visually stunning atmosphere that enhances the overall ambiance. When planning your next event, pay attention to the scenic aspects of the venue and consider how you can incorporate them into your event design. Whether it’s strategically placing seating indoors and outdoors to maximize capacity, or to incorporate natural elements to your event theme, embracing the scenic beauty will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Villa Romantica Terrace
Villa Romantica — a 4,000 sqft venue boasting lush flora and fauna.

Factor in Weather Contingency 

While outdoor venues offer a unique charm, they also come with the unpredictability of weather conditions. It’s crucial to have a backup plan in case of inclement weather. Additionally, make sure to communicate weather updates to your guests to ensure they come prepared for any changes. Make sure there are backup plans and ask about indoor alternatives or available awnings or marquees.

The Pier — 37,000 sqft semi-outdoor venue with sea view.

Arrange Outdoor Furniture & Amenities

To ensure the comfort of your guests, provide ample seating options that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Consider renting comfortable chairs, benches, or even blankets for a more casual setting, we have a list of trusted suppliers who can accommodate to your every need. Provide ample outdoor shade from the sun such as a parasol, and don’t forget amenities such as restrooms, a catering kitchen, and an outdoor bar to ensure the convenience of your attendees.

Heritage House — 5,000 sqft historic compound with courtyard & garden in the heart of Kowloon.

Ensure Ample Sound & Lighting

Outdoor venues often require additional attention to sound and lighting arrangements. Ensure that your event has proper sound amplification to reach all corners of the venue, and be cautious about noise control. From fairy lights to lanterns, plan for appropriate lighting to create a magical atmosphere as the day transitions into the evening. It is also crucial to shine a light on entrances, exits, and staircases.

Cliff House — 3,500 sqft sea view villa ideal for corporate wellness retreats in Lantau.

Choose a venue that fits your company’s benefit, branding, and budget. Visit the venue in person, talk to us, and envision your event in that space. Choose a venue that should reflect your brand identity, preferences, and style. Take your time to visit multiple venues, ask questions, and gather all the necessary information to make an informed choice that will help create an extraordinary event.

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Each venue in our portfolio has a unique feature paired with top-notch amenities. Our venues are versatile for private celebrations and corporate events. Our network of suppliers will enhance your event by providing bespoke experiences. Whether you are looking for a corporate venue or an off-site event location, Exclusive Venue is always here to assist you.

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