A Sail to Success: Host Your NYE Events on Boats & Yachts

Vibe - Exclusive Venue

When it comes to hosting an impactful brand event, thinking outside the box is key. Imagine cruising along Hong Kong waters, feeling the breeze, and enjoying stunning views whilst showcasing your brand on the waters. At Exclusive Venue, you can rent a sailing yacht, charter a luxury private yacht, or celebrate in the largest sailing catamaran in Hong Kong.

Lady Lorraine — a 100ft sailing yacht for 35 guests.

Hosting events on boats and yachts provides special experiences unrivaled by traditional venues. In this article, we explore why brand events on floating venues are becoming increasingly popular.

Exclusive Venue offers over 50 boats and yachts for day charter, short-term rental, and staycation. From a transformed Star Ferry to superyachts with all the top-notch amenities, enjoy an exciting yachting adventure, and celebrate your special occasion in the idyllic setting with luxury and comfort.

The Vibe venue
The Vibe — The largest sailing catamaran in Hong Kong for 50 guests.
The Vibe Hong Kong
Lounge and unwind on the sun deck aboard The Vibe.

Exclusivity and Luxury

One of the most significant advantages of hosting an event on a boat or yacht is the sense of exclusivity and luxury it offers. These floating venues provide a glamorous and sophisticated setting that instantly elevates any celebration or brand event. From intimate gatherings to large-scale parties, boats, and yachts offer customizable spaces that cater to various guest list sizes.

Vibe - Exclusive Venue
Branded sails on The Vibe.

Panoramic Sea View & Novel Backdrops

Imagine hosting a product launch cocktail with the Victoria Harbour sunset as your backdrop. Boats and yachts provide unparalleled panoramic views that add a touch of magic to your event. Branding presence can also be highly visible as boat sails can be transformed into a canvas for your brand logos. The ever-changing scenery onboard ensures your guests are captivated by the event experience. See alternative staycation venues here.

Bali 4.8 — The Bali 4.8 offers two L-shaped benches, a full-width sundeck, and an impressive flybridge.
Wedding for 50 guests aboard The Wan.

Memorable Experiences & Special Occasions

Events hosted on boats and yachts provide an opportunity to create extraordinary moments that leave a lasting impression. The combination of the tranquil water with luxurious interiors sets the stage for your special celebration. Whether it’s a branded yacht party, a team-building event or a romantic wedding reception, guests will be captivated by the charm and ambiance that only a maritime experience can offer.

Networking Opportunities

Hosting a brand event on a boat or yacht opens up exceptional networking opportunities. The relaxed nature of boats creates an informal atmosphere, ideal for fostering social connections and meaningful conversations among guests. The setting allows for valuable interactions, generating a sense of camaraderie that can strengthen professional relationships. All in all, hosting celebrations and brand events on boats and yachts adds a touch of elegance, luxury, and exclusivity like no other.

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