Exclusive Venue is a premium venue provider and advice agency that specialises in venue-hire for events.

With Exclusive Venue, you have the choice:

  • Manage your event yourself. We provide you with Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore’s most premier venues and service providers so that you can directly manage your own events.
  • Be accompanied during the organization of your event. Our project managers take control and help you to manage your entire event!

Whatever option you choose, the Exclusive Venue team follows you and advises you in all your procedures.

Searching for a venue or a service provider is simple and intuitive with us:

  • Explore – our portfolio of curated venues
  • Select – venues that match your event criteria
  • Quote – directly from our trusted landlords
  • Visit – the venue and visualize the event space
  • Source Suppliers – from our list of trusted event professionals
  • Finalize – contracts and settle the details
  • Host – your event with no worries

We are always happy to help in your search or when requiring more information.
Exclusive Venue Customer Support Hotline +852 5561 8800

If you are looking for a venue:
Search through the venues on our venue page.
If you do not find a suitable venue and have no results, contact our team who can suggest other venues not published on the site.

If you are looking for a service provider:
Select the type of service you are looking for and consult the profiles of the service providers that interest you.
Contact our team who can put you in touch directly with the service providers.

The request form is there to brief our dedicated account managers about the details of your event. The venues we propose are available for short-term leasing and it is the job of Exclusive Venue to ensure that our clients and their proposed events match the venue’s landlord’s selection criteria. Therefore, we must collect as much information as possible regarding your event before we can propose the desired and relevant venues.

Exclusive Venue’s robust relationships with landlords allows our clients to feel like they are talking directly to them without bothering either party.

The request for a quote is done in one simple request form.

Brief Us

The Exclusive Venue Request Form: fill in all the fields as thoroughly as possible so that the dedicated manager has a good understanding of your event, including the type of event, the dates of the event, the detailed description and the budget.

Save time: your request can be sent for multiple venues. Make sure that you select all the correct venues and “add to selection”. You can query multiple locations in just one click.

When you submit an inquiry, the Exclusive Venue account manager is immediately notified. Our dedicated account managers will reply to you within 24 hours of the submission of your form, considering it is submitted within our working hours. Depending on the format of the event and the availability of the venue, the account manager will send the event specifics and details to the landlord and they decide whether or not to accept your request.

If the landlord accepts, our account manager will send you a proposal accompanied by a quote via email.

Once you have identified the provider of your choice, contact them directly on behalf of Exclusive Venue using the contact details on the site. You can also contact us so that we forward the request.

The Terms and Conditions exhaustively present the operation of the site as well as the obligations of users and site administrators.

It is important to read them before submitting requests, inquiries and viewing the venues on our website.

Exclusive Venue uses the file-sharing website DocSend.com to share Venue Decks and presentations. These presentations can be accessed using links in the proposal emails sent from your Exclusive Venue account manager. When you receive a DocSend link, you will often have to enter your name, email and agree to the DocSend Terms and Conditions as well as agreeing to the Exclusive Venue Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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