Secret Cove – A villa for brand events, filming, wedding & staycations

When it comes to hosting a wedding, a staycation, a brand pop-up event, or an exclusive VIP dinner, choosing the right venue is crucial to creating a memorable experience. One of our most popular event villas is Secret Cove. Nestled amidst the lush greenery of Sai Kung, Secret Cove offers a unique and exclusive setting that can elevate your event to new heights. In this article, we’ll share more about how Secret Cove can be used for your next social event.

Secret Cove — 3,500 sqft Waterfront Villa

Set in Sai Kung town, Secret Cove is a 3,500 sqft villa just a short ferry ride from Sai Kung. This villa boasts a spacious waterfront terrace with a fireplace and an outdoor Italian oven, ideal for an intimate, exclusive gathering of up to 40 persons. The villa is spacious with great versatility for different types of events including immersive experiences, pop-up events and VIP previews, exclusive luncheon or Christmas parties by the sea, and intimate celebrations amongst close friends and family. It is also an ideal location for commercial filming, conducting interviews, and photoshoots for fashion, art, and retail brands.

See an exclusive interview video filmed in Secret Cove with our founder Saoud Maherzi by a renowned local TVB Programme – Dolce Vita here

Secret Cove terrace with outdoor dining tables and an Italian stone oven.

Secluded Location

A short boat ride from Sai Kung, Secret Cove is one of the most exclusive and secluded event spaces in Hong Kong. Surrounded by serene waters, a hidden beach, and lush greenery, guests are transported to a magical world away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The picturesque backdrop guarantees stunning photos and a unique atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else in Hong Kong.

Guests can arrive at Secret Cove via a private pier and enjoy a nice day lounging on the terrace.

Seafront Terrace

Secret Cove offers a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces that can cater to a wide range of events, including weddings, corporate gatherings, and private parties. The 2,000 sqft terrace offers ample space for guests to mingle, dine, and enjoy its stunning surroundings. Whether you’re looking for an intimate gathering or an exclusive party, Secret Cove’s versatile spaces can accommodate events of up to 40 persons.

Large floor-to-ceiling windows allow ample light into the interiors of Secret Cove.

Exclusive Experience

One of the most significant advantages of choosing Secret Cove as your event venue is its exclusivity and privacy. The venue is located in a secluded area in Sai Kung, ensuring that the event remains intimate and private. It’s the perfect place to create a serene and relaxing environment that fosters meaningful connections between guests and leaves a lasting impression.

An immersive “Wonderscape” experience created by Cloudy Bay in Secret Cove.
Cloudy Bay’s VIP guests enjoying a “Sip N’ Paint” session at the seafront terrace.

Family-friendly Staycation

Secret Cove offers various amenities that can elevate the event experience further. The villa has a fully equipped catering kitchen and bar, and high-quality sound and lighting systems. Additionally, the venue offers various activities such as paddleboarding and hiking, providing guests with exciting ways to enjoy the surrounding nature. The villa offers children’s rooms with single beds and bunk beds for younger children.

Hosting an event at Secret Cove promises to be an unforgettable experience. The venue’s unique location, versatile spaces, exclusivity, and amenities make it the perfect venue for any event. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or private celebration and party, Secret Cove offers an idyllic setting that will leave guests pleasantly surprised. Embrace the serenity and magic of Secret Cove and create a memorable experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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